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Pokemon - The Equestrian Chronicles (Chapter 4-B)
-[Pokémon Tower - Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green]-
Sean closed his eyes as he had ventured deep into the cave, guided by something that kept him from tripping or getting lost in the darkness, he can use aura like his Lucario. He can tell that he was getting close to where Professor Oak was by sensing his aura, his Scizor following close behind using ninja-like stealth to not draw attention to himself, and Sparks lay perched on Sean's shoulder. The Pikachu's ears perked up and said, "Pika?"
Sean noticed and asked, "Hmm? Do you hear something Sparks?"
His Pikachu was quiet for a couple seconds, and confirmed quietly, "Pika-chu!"
Sean gave a hand signal to his Scizor that told the Pincer Pokémon, 'When I give the word, pin down whoever is closing in...' The BUG/STEEL Type nodded and readied, and in an instant, Sean was tackled to the ground and then Scizor sprang into action, by grabbing and throwing his trainer's attacker to the wall. Sparks lit up the cave by
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Pokemon - The Equestrian Chronicles (Chapter 4-A)
-[Pallet Town - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-
Twilight chuckled to herself as she continued to write in her notebook, thinking about May's Blaziken and Brendan's male Swampert having a little disagreement with one another. Everyone else was either watching them, playing with them, or practicing Pokémon Battling with them. It was much easier for the gang to practice since more of their visitor's Pokémon have been found.
Twilight herself had formed a bond of sorts with Brendan's Alakazam, who sat next to the alicorn. The highly intelligent Pokémon was reading books about Equestria's history, and used her as a means to translate the written language of Equestria.
Elsewhere, Rainbow Dash loved the Eon Duo of Latios and his sister Latias, and Sean's Ninjask, the three Pokémon were crazy fast, especially the Ninja Pokémon. It was mostly thanks to the Ninja Pokémon's ability Speed Boost, whi
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Pokemon - The Equestrian Chronicles (Chapter 3)
-[Ever Grande City - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire]-
Sean was busy tending to his Gallade and Gardevoir's injures, while Fluttershy tended to Latios and Tyrantrum's injuries. Fluttershy was reading the instructions for the Full Restores, Max Potions, etc., absolutely amazed that Pokémon have unbelievable recovery rates, meaning they heal from injuries at a much quicker pace than most other living beings.
Even that fact peaked the curiosity of Spike, Discord, and Twilight, itching to know more about these creatures called Pokémon that seem to even throw what Discord thought he knew out the window. Deciding that all their Pokémon needed to be checked out anyways, Rosa, Brendan, and May sent out all the Pokémon they had with them, currently...
Rosa sent out her Gigalith, Samurott, Zweilous, Shiny Dragonite, Lucario, and Arcanine. May sent out her Blaziken, Golem, Beautifly, Machamp, Serperior, and Shiny Eevee. And Brendan sent out his Sceptile,
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Pokemon - The Equestrian Chronicles (Chapter 2)
-[The Dragon Theme – The Best of DragonBall Z, Vol. I]-
Celestia, Luna, Discord, Spike, and the Mane Six patiently sat as the four Trainers ready themselves to explain Pokémon to the best of their ability...
Sean started, "Pokémon are a race of mysterious and powerful creatures of an unknown origin, even in our world. They are capable of extraordinary things, and have wondrous power that helps the flow of nature to be stabilized, and create new kinds of matter..."
Rosa continued, "Us humans rely on Pokémon, as much as they rely on us, to make our world a wonderful place to live. Many humans ask for the help of the Pokémon for many different things, like building skyscraper towers..."
Yūki said, "There are over seven hundred individual species, with the total number of Pokémon species out there a complete mystery. There are scientists, like my father, who study the Pokémon to solve the many mysteries they hold."
Twilight's eyes lit
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Pokemon - The Equestrian Chronicles (Chapter 1)
-[Mt. Pyre (Interior) - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire]-
An hour had passed since Twilight and the gang brought the four unconscious Pokémon Trainers to Ponyville's General Hospital, still unsure why these creatures seemed so concerned for the humans that they followed the ponies into Ponyville. Everypony in Ponyville immediately panicked and fled the moment they saw the Tyrantrum, its imposing and frightening appearance, like that of the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus, made them all scream and lock their doors. Fluttershy felt very nervous around the ROCK/DRAGON type, because it gave off an aura of sensation that was too similar to an actual dragon, but Fluttershy gave it the benefit of a doubt when she remembered that the dinosaur-like Pokémon was genuinely concerned for the humans. The Dragonite (which when cleaned was an evergreen color instead of a usual tan-ish orange, meaning it was a Shiny Pokémon, but the ponies don't know that...) made the pegas
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Pokemon - The Equestrian Chronicles (Prologue)
...Hello there, it is so nice to meet you...
I humbly welcome you to the world of Pokémon...
-[Welcome to the World of Pokémon - Pokémon Origins]-
...My name is Professor Oak, but everyone just calls me the Pokémon Professor. I know you are wondering what IS a Pokémon, right?
Well, Pokémon are wondrous creatures that come in all shapes and sizes, and have many amazing powers. Many people keep Pokémon as pets, however, they can engage in fierce sporting events called Pokémon Battles, where the Pokémon and their trainers compete to grow stronger together, and strengthen the bonds a Trainer and his or her Pokémon...
My job as a Pokémon Researcher is to find the mysteries hidden inside the Pokemon, since we still don't know much about them. But, I'm certain you and your friends will help me and my colleagues to finally crack some of the mysteries that the Pokémon are hiding.
But enough
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MS Paint: Red (Sun and Moon) :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 5 0 MS Paint: Ash, Serena, and two Pikachu :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 22 1 MS Paint: Ash-Greninja :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 1 0 MS Paint: Gendered Pokemon :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 1 0 MS Paint: DRAGON-Type Pokemon :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 3 3 MS Paint: The Legendary Beasts :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 2 0 MS Paint: PSYCHIC-Type Pokemon :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 2 0 MS Paint: The Legendary Golems :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 2 4 MS Paint: Arceus - The Alpha Pokemon :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 6 0 MS Paint: The Legendary Birds :iconpoke-sonic-zillasaur:Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur 3 0


You're too late, girls. :iconlight-shadow-xyz:Light-Shadow-XYZ 32 23 Rosa and Glaceon (Remake) :icongodispsen:Godispsen 15 0 What a Yutz Felix n Blaze :iconpennyadodumuss:Pennyadodumuss 318 90 Unprecedented Levels of Edge :iconmergeritter:mergeritter 297 25 'Get naked, Leaf!' :iconmergeritter:mergeritter 478 56 Pokemon Trainer Leaf :iconravenide:Ravenide 146 10 The age of Classic fairy tales Female character :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 782 87 Infinite Stratos IS Team :iconchalcids:chalcids 38 1 Houki Shinonono :iconjackom31:jackom31 88 23 Starbound - A Whole Buttload of Sprites :icondragonith:Dragonith 1,567 601 Where is Waldo? :iconsunimu:sunimu 2,448 1,061 CM: Krizski :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 201 105 Lady Palutena: The Sexy Bunny :iconcutieangel999:CutieAngel999 82 20 Amourshipping Week Day 2: Letters :icongreatpeace:GreatPeace 106 14 Happy Valentines..... :iconmgx0:Mgx0 292 27 The Ketchum Family (Incomplete sketch) :iconeeveefansparkle:EeveeFanSparkle 12 10


This is an impressive piece of work, my friend... I like the details that gives many of the Pokémon realistic textures, like Torterra h...

The picture is magnificent, despite its size. It is a wonderful example of how Valentines are usually treated and how they usually shou...

This is a fine example of fan art for depicting the "Monster" side of Godzilla/Gojira. The use of Blacks and Whites is well thought out...

by Tim015

This is a truly adorable picture, I find myself holding back saying "Dwaww!" from seeing Fluttershy with the pokemon. Fluttershy hersel...

Okay, this is honestly the first time I've been tagged, and I have no real clue how this kind of thing works, but I will give it my best...
I will answer :icondeathbonedragon666:'s questions to the best of my ability, and use her tag thing as a base for mine...
Welp, here goes nothing...

1. What was your very first Anime?
I am honestly not 100% sure, but the anime I do have recollections of from my early childhood are either the Pokémon anime, or Dragon Ball Z...
2. which one of the more recent movies do you like?
The LEGO Batman Movie, Moana, Doctor Strange, I can't really single one out...
Haven't seen enough of the anime to name a clear favorite, but I suppose it would be Meliodas, because he is amusing and has a lot in common with me, personality-wise...
4. Favorite Theorist?
MatPat of Game Theory, though he's the only one I can remember at the moment...
5. what was your very first DEADLY sin?
Seven Deadly Sins :: Wrath I think...pikachu roll head plzKyouko Toshinou (Huh) [V1]AKCat-huh (Acchi kocchi)
6. What pokemon game have you very first time played? (in the past not the more recent ones..)
Well, it would technically be Pokémon Emerald Version, but I played just a little and it belonged to a friend of mine in elementary school. The first game I played that I did own was Pokémon Pearl Version...
7. Favorite Pokemon Type?
Rock type & Dragon type, Because over three-quarters of my top 30 favorite Pokémon species are one (or both) of those types, and they tend to have the Pokémon that resemble dinosaurs...
8. Favorite Zelda game?
I haven't played too many Zelda games, and haven't (officially) beat one, but I suppose of those that I've played, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is my favorite, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is looking to be a new favorite...
9. Sonic or Sonic.exe?
Sonic...I don't talk about Creepypasta stuff, plus, I like the original, one-of-a-kind Sonic from all his video games (minus Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric...)Shocked-Kagami-4
10. what program to do think is better: Miku Miku Dance, or Blender
Afraid I can't answer this one, as I never even seen the programs, let alone used them...ShrugSonic Shrug EmoteShrugs:shrug: rvmpPearl Emote 31
11. Have you sinned before? 
Yes...don't remember what for though...:iconnervous-laughplz:Honoka Nervous Laugh Icon
12. Derp? or Nerp?
What's Nerp...:curious:?

I guess I should tag others now, so I tag:
:iconthe-mad-overlord: (aka My Little Sister)

Here are my twelve questions for the people I tagged, I guess...:
1. When it comes to pairings in anime, manga, etc...Do you accept any official pairing the creator of the characters you ship says is true? Or do you deny yourself that its true, regardless if the creator says its true? examples: Ichigo Kurosaki x Orihime Inoue (Bleach), Goku x Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball), & Spider Man/Peter Parker x Mary Jane Wattson (Marvel's The Spectacular Spider-Man Comics)...

2. Which of the following characters would you love to make a baby (or babies if you're really serious) with, regarding your gender, and why...?
Place answer here and delete the suitor list below...
-If you're Male;
    -Akame from Akame ga Kill
    -General Esdeath from Akame ga Kill
    -Skyla from Pokémon
    -Whitney from Pokémon
    -Shiraki Meiko from Prison School
    -Zatanna from DC's Superhero Comics
    -Akeno Himejima from High School DxD
    -Saya Tagaki from Highschool of the Dead
    -Kuroka from High School DxD
    -Nami from One Piece
    -Ryoko Asakura from Haruhi Suzumiya
    -Tsuruya from Haruhi Suzumiya
    -Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch from Marvel Superhero Comics
-If you're Female;
    -Tatsumi from Akame ga Kill
    -Susanno from Akame ga Kill
    -Volkner from Pokémon
    -N from Pokémon
    -Death the Kid from Soul Eater
    -Clark Kent/Superman from DC's Superhero Comics
    -Issei Hyodo from High School DxD
    -Mega Man from Mega Man
    -Gasper Vladi from High School DxD
    -Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece
    -Itsuki Koizumi from Haruhi Suzumiya
    -Son Goku from Dragon Ball
    -Peter Parker/Spider Man from Marvel Superhero Comics

3. If you had a crime-fighting team part of an organization that is in layman's terms, the law-enforcement of the multiverse, who would you have on your 8-man team, a sniper, melee specialist, tactical commander, muscle, medical professional, trump card ace, etc.? (You can have anyone from any media format, but you can't use more than two people from the same universe)

4. Which popular Ash pairing would you say Amourshipping (AshxSerena/SatoSere) is better than and why? (You cannot put down which pairing is better than Amourshipping is though...)

5. Between being stuck in a valley you cannot escape from that is home to a pack of aggressive Dakotaraptors (the real-life, bigger version of Jurassic Park's Velociraptors, but MUCH worse) that you've pissed off and now they want to flat out kill you, not eat you and the air itself is poisonous to only you, or being trapped in a space station with a horrifying dragon who wants to eat you and only you as the said space station is careening to crash into a star on the verge of becoming a black hole, which sounds like the worse way to go...?

6. Which sounds more painful? Being violently torn apart quickly and put back together just as quickly, only to to be torn apart again, but you're a true immortal so you cannot die, period and your pain is amplified fifty fold, or being mortal, but having to suffer through all extremely painful, but non-lethal methods of torture, over 1000 times a day?

7. How would you make your least favorite pairing your favorite if you can change how it can be made, but you CANNOT put anything related to 'I would not have it exist, period' as an answer? If you do, you'll have to endure being trolled by the Internet's worst trolls for eternity until you give a proper answer...

8. With just one sentence, why are your top 20 favorite fictional characters of all time your favorites? (they all have to be from different franchises)

9. What would you do if you found out you had a very powerful long-lost relative who knows you, and has managed to obtain a one-of-a-kind special permission and last will that allows you to have your own harem of 16-to-25 individuals, and no country on Earth will stop you, regardless of who is in it? (And to top it off, money has no issue with supporting you and your harem, but the only catch is that YOU, have to produce at least one child with each of your harem's members) How would you respond?

10. Which anime or video game characters would you love to have as, a best friend, a lover, the guy who gets you out of trouble, and the friend who makes you laugh at everything he/she does?

11. If given the opportunity, would you join the Avengers or the Justice League? (only options, nothing else)

12. Continuing with the previous question, which team would you think each of your favorite characters from question 8 would be on, and why?

I hope I did this right...
Feel free to ask me what my answers to my questions are...
  • Listening to: Doctor Strange Official Soundtrack...
  • Reading: Fanfictions...
  • Watching: Various Anime...(DON'T JUDGE!!!)
  • Playing: Pokemon Sun & Moon
  • Eating: Sandwiches...
  • Drinking: Water


Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur's Profile Picture
United States
I loved dinosaurs ever since I was a toddler. My favorite is the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. I am also a big fan of Pokemon, Godzilla, Sonic The Hedgehog, anime, & SPORE. When I make some pictures using a computer, I use bases found here on DeviantART. I live with a strong moral code, I would not steal anything for any reason. I'll give credit to anyone's base I use (until I figure out how). Oh, and if you're wondering why I like Thomas The Tank Engine, it's because I grew up with that talking steam engine. Plus, *The MAD-Overlord is my sister.

In Pokemon X & Y topics... The Fariy-type definately needs an upgrade in my opinion, 'CAUSE MY TYRANTRUM IS SUCH A BEAST, HE CAN TAKE A MOONBLAST IN THE FACE AND EAT IT, LITERALLY!!!


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